Agent Movie Review: A Thrilling Telugu Spy Action Film

If you are a fan of Telugu action movies, then you cannot miss out on “Agent”. The movie is directed by Surender Reddy and stars Akhil Akkineni and Sakshi Vaidya in lead roles. This spy action thriller will leave you at the edge of your seat and deliver an adrenaline-filled ride.


Agent” is a story of Akhil Akkineni’s character, a high-tech spy agent for the Indian government, who is tasked with a mission to prevent a terrorist attack on Indian soil. He encounters several challenges and obstacles while trying to unravel the plot.


Akhil Akkineni’s portrayal of the spy agent is intense, believable, and keeps you hooked to the storyline. Sakshi Vaidya is equally impressive in her role as the female lead, bringing a refreshing energy and charm to the film.

Direction and Cinematography

Surender Reddy’s direction is top-notch, and he skillfully brings out the best in his cast. The film’s cinematography is impressive, and the action sequences are shot with precision and attention to detail.

Music and Background Score

The film’s music and background score, composed by S. Thaman, perfectly complement the film’s action-packed scenes and keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Final Verdict

“Agent” is a thrilling spy action film that will keep you entertained throughout. The movie boasts strong performances from its cast, top-notch direction, and impressive cinematography. The music and background score add an extra layer of excitement to the film, making it an overall enjoyable watch. If you are looking for a high-octane action film, then “Agent” is definitely worth checking out.

Agent Movie Review: A Thrilling Telugu Spy Action Film

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